Summer Self-Help Reading List

Summer is upon us — and if you’re lucky, your schedule will lighten up and allow you to enjoy a few long weekends away from work or some quiet evenings on the porch relaxing with a good book. Summer is always a great time to catch up on reading. I’m…

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The Narcissist and You: How a Narcissistic Parent is Affecting Your Relationships

Bonnie MacDougall, RP, ICADC You may often hear the term narcissist thrown around quite frequently these days. If you were to go by a very broad definition of the term, everyone, including you, would be one. With the ability to take selfies, create the illusion of what reality you want…

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What are Healthy Boundaries? How do I create them?

Bonnie MacDougall, RP, ICADC You have an important deadline at work, and you need take the car to the repair shop. You skip breakfast, drop off the car, and get a ride to your job. By noon your stomach is growling. Just before lunch, your boss walks up and asks…

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